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WINSTROL 50 for sale in California

WINSTROL 50 for sale in California


WINSTROL 50 for sale in California produced by: Dragon Pharma

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Manufacturer: Dragon Pharma 

Package: 10 ml vial at 50 mg/ml

Substance: Stanozolol injection (Winstrol)

WINSTROL 50 is an injectable steroid, the active ingredient of which is Stanozolol. This drug differs from many other steroids in that it is dissolved in water, not oil. Because of this, it is considered practically harmless, which makes it possible for women to take.

Although the drug was introduced to the market in the 60s of the last century, athletes began to use it only two decades later. And initially, the steroid found its consumer in the face of swimmers and athletes, and only eventually came to hard sports.

Winstrol Injection for Sale is available in two forms – oral and injectable. They do not differ much from each other, although the injections are still considered more effective due to the fact that the drug introduced in this way is absorbed faster by the muscles.

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WINSTROL 50 positive effects

Stanozolol is a drug that belongs to the class of anabolic steroids. By its structure, this anabolic is unique. Its structure has five benzene rings, while other steroids have a total of four. Before you buy Stanozolol, you need to know that it will not be an assistant in building muscle. However, anabolic steroids will help to remove excess fluid from the body, get rid of fat and help get beautiful muscle definition.

The use of Stanozolol suggests the following effects:

  • Growth of indicators of strength and endurance – precisely because of this effect, the tool has been used for a long time by light athletes and powerlifters;
  • Removal of excess fluid from the bodybuilder’s body – due to the inability of the steroid to aromatize;
  • Obtaining beautiful definition – is achieved as a result of the removal of water;
  • Venousness – very much appreciated by athletes during tournaments;
  • Fat burning – makes the drug popular not only among bodybuilders, but also among those who want to lose weight without much effort.

Bodybuilders love WINSTROL 50 and take it to prepare for competitions, as well as during the off-season. The steroid is excellent for a cutting cycle but can also be used for weight gain. The drug does not retain water and because of this you will get excellent muscle definition, high-quality muscles, and it will also greatly increase your strength and endurance. 

Stanozolol does not retain excess water in the body, because it is not able to aromatize. This property makes the drug more valuable among athletes participating in competitions. It is worth noting that the anabolic properties of the steroid are significantly higher than androgenic. It is also considered a strong fat burner and, in combination with Trenbolone, the effect of Stanozolol can exceed all your expectations.

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Winstrol 50 is the Most Popular Steroid on the Market Today- Get Yours Today!

Since the release of Winstrol 50, it has quickly become the most popular steroid on the market today. This is due to its many benefits, including increased muscle size and strength. Winstrol 50 is a powerful steroid that can help improve performance in a variety of sports. It can boost strength, muscle growth, and recovery time. Winstrol 50 is also effective at reducing body fat and improving overall aesthetics. If you are looking to improve your performance in the gym or achieve a more muscular physique, then this is the steroid for you.

If you are looking to purchase Winstrol 50 online, you can find a quality steroid shop like that will provide you with all of the necessary information and products needed to make your purchase successful. offers competitive prices on Winstrol 50, making it an excellent choice for those looking to build muscle mass quickly without having to spend a lot of money. With our help, we know that you will be able to get your hands on this powerful steroid and achieve your desired results.

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Dosages and cycle lengths of WINSTROL 50

The optimal dosage of Stanozolol is from 25 to 50 mg. When you start taking this steroid it should be with the minimum dosage to avoid problems with well-being. The cycle of using WINSTROL 50 can last from 5 to 8 weeks. It is important that Post Cycle Therapy is not required after the solo cycle. With a properly compiled cycle, as well as the observance of training and nutrition, can provide a qualitative gain of 15-20 pounds.

Anabolic can be taken both solo and combined with other steroids, usually androgenic. The solo course is recommended for those who have already gained enough muscle mass, and now wants to improve venous drawing and make the body more prominent. For best results, you must also monitor nutrition and exercise regularly.

Possible Side Effects

Stanozolol is not transformed into estrogen, so you can forget about such problems as gynecomastia and puffiness. However, this absolutely does not mean that this tool can be taken thoughtlessly. A frivolous attitude towards steroid use can have serious consequences.

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If the regime is violated, the following side effects may occur:

  • Increased blood pressure– reduced by taking antihypertensive drugs;
  • High cholesterol – eliminated with omega-3;
  • Pain in the joints due to the ability of the drug to remove fluid from the body;
  • Toxicity to the liver is a side effect of almost all steroids, so it is not worth counting it against the drawbacks of the drug.

WINSTROL 50 is not recommended for adolescents, as well as for people suffering from coronary heart disease, atherosclerosis, and the elderly. 

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If you have correctly the Winstrol cycle, there should be no side effects.

The loyal price of Stanozolol is not a sign of poor quality of the drug. On the contrary, our online store sells steroids of exceptionally high quality. And if you have not yet decided whether to buy Stanozolol or not, our professional consultants will help you decide.

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12 reviews for WINSTROL 50 for sale in California

  1. Richard Adams

    Winstrol from Dragon Pharma is the most superior orals! I always have this in stock with superdrol whenever I am prepping for a contest. I usually take a dose of 50 mg daily and it is really effective in removing any bloat. When on a bulking cycle, I use this on an on/off state because it is really effective in not suppressing the appetite and it also gives a massive strength gain. Never experienced hair loss when on winny, which is ironic because baldness runs in the family. Dry joints did not happen to me. All I had was pros and no cons.

  2. Moses Cohen

    When I first ever started taking Winstrol, I’ve been urinating a lot. This I think is the side of winny but aside from that, I did not experience anything more. My bodyfat percentage was lower and the veins I had was insane. Did not thought that I will achieve this kind of bod. Winny is best for a bulking and cutting cycle. You just need to rehydrate yourself to prevent joint pain and take joint supplements.

  3. Garrett Frank

    I just can’t explain how good winny is! My friend recommended using Dragon’s winstrol and after taking it for 2 weeks, my body looked real good! I used this at 50 mg daily and felt no sides. Decided to increase it up to 75 mg but this is where the joint pain started. Dosed it back to 50 and I am happy with it. I continuously gain vascularity and strength while I’m on this. Thanks Dragon Pharma for this very reliable oral.

  4. Jules Hundley

    I recently finished my first cycle of Winstrol and could not be happier with the results. I noticed a dramatic increase in lean muscle mass, strength, and energy levels in just a few weeks. My fat percentage also decreased significantly which made me look much better. Winstrol is an amazing cutting cycle that produces great results quickly!

  5. Claudio Obryan

    I’m currently on a test-only cycle from my bulking phase, but I’m about to start cutting, so I’ll add HGH, 4-6 units per day, Winstrol 50 per day, and 350-400 mg of 3-compound Testosterone once per week. Additionally, I’m going to take 500 HCG units a week to keep my balls young. The benefits of adding Winstrol 50 to the mix are that it’s a DHT derivative, so it’ll help with my hair loss, and it also has an amazing effect on strength. I feel like superman when I’m on Winstrol.

  6. Alvaro Barclay

    I probably used Winstrol 50 twice… I competed in my first bodybuilding show back then. Even though I had lost a lot of weight, I was still inclining 275 for about 12 reps with a body weight of about 185. With tests, something does make you stronger. The effects of Winstrol 50 were very quick and noticeable. I used it for about a month. It was great, that’s why I went on to use it again.

  7. Vincenzo Edmond

    For the longest time, I finally gave in. I started my first cycle with Test C and Winstrol. I immediately noticed the improvement not only to my physique but also to my performance! The strength gains were amazing! Since Winstrol does not aromatize, water weight dropped so fast that made my muscle firm! Plus, unlike most of you, I did not have any joint pains.

  8. Branden Eaton

    Being an experienced bodybuilder that I am, I tried both Winstrol in oil and water. My personal take? Go oil, 100%. What I usually do to lessen the PIP was to add other compounds. But Injectable Winstrol has always been a go-to for me. It has the power to free up more Test to make beautiful definition to your body.

  9. Cruz Cisneros

    I have been using Winstrol for a few months now, and I can say it is an amazing product. It works wonders for both aesthetics as well as performance. I have noticed an increase in strength and muscle gain since taking Winstrol, while at the same time my overall physique has improved. I highly recommend this product to anyone looking to get in better shape!

  10. Rory Miner

    I don’t know about you guys, but for me Winstrol works very quickly! I’ve always been on Winstrol only cycles for the longest time. The fat burning power of Winny makes me feel drier than ever which also hardened my muscles. I ran it on a lower dosage and now I’m approaching my 2nd week. At this early stage, I am already feeling stronger! I am a skinny guy which makes the effect more distinct! And for some reason, it does make me hungry all the time. LOL!

  11. Michel Mulligan

    I’ve been using Winstrol for months and it’s really worked wonders for me. I wanted to get an edge in my workouts and this product delivered. I experienced increased strength, stamina, and recovery time as well as enhanced focus. Winstrol benefits are definitely worth every penny!

  12. Roberto De La Riva

    For some reason I always get shipped different brands. Either they don’t carry dragon pharma or they keep running out but what’s worse is no one responds to my messages. 3 orders so far all wrong. The other brands aren’t too bad but I like to get what I thought I was paying for

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