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testosterone enanthate side effects

Testosterone Enanthate Side Effects: Instructions on How to Avoid Them Safely

Esters abound in testosterone. Testosterone Cypionate, Testosterone Undecanoate, Testosterone Suspension, and other esters are examples. Among all of these esters, Testosterone Enanthate is one of the most popular and effective steroids used in bodybuilding. Let’s look more closely at what makes it so special!

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What is Testosterone Enanthate

Testosterone Enanthate is an anabolic steroid produced from the hormone testosterone. It is a long-acting ester that is injected into the body to increase muscle mass and strength. This steroid is popular among bodybuilders and athletes since it produces long-lasting results with few negative effects. Testosterone Enanthate is often regarded as a “cutting steroid” since it produces a lean, shredded appearance while helping to reduce body fat.

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Testosterone Enanthate is one of the most often utilized steroids in bodybuilding. It is a long-acting testosterone ester that increases muscular build and strength significantly.

Testosterone Enanthate is another steroid that can help you lose body fat and get a lean, shredded appearance. It is referred to be a “cutting steroid” since it aids in the reduction of body fat while increasing muscle mass.

Furthermore, Testosterone Enanthate is a fantastic steroid because it is a long-acting ester that produces large improvements in muscle growth and strength. Testosterone Enanthate is an excellent choice for bodybuilders and sportsmen due to its low negative effects.

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Testosterone Enanthate Dosages

It is critical to begin cautiously and progressively raise the dosage over time when it comes to dosing. A weekly dose of 500-1000 mg is ideal for most males. However, the dosage should be adjusted based on your specific needs.

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Beginners should start slowly, with a weekly dose of 500 mg. Then, as needed, progressively raise the dosage over time. A dose of 500-1000 mg per week is suitable for most guys, but it is vital to alter the dosage based on your specific needs. To avoid any potential negative effects, begin carefully and gradually raise the dosage.

In some circumstances, a greater dose may be required. If you are a bodybuilder or athlete wanting to grow muscle mass and strength, a greater dose of Testosterone Enanthate may be required. Consult your doctor to determine the optimal dosage for you.

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Side Effects of Testosterone Enanthate Injections

There are several Testosterone Enanthate side effects that people should be aware of if they plan on using the steroid. But don’t worry, these Testosterone side effects will only occur if you fail to use the steroid properly, or if you take too much of it at a certain amount of time. Here are some side effects of Test E:

It should be noted that using Testosterone Enanthate is not advised for persons who have low hormone levels in their blood. Because artificial hormone contributes to an even bigger drop in natural testosterone concentration.

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Furthermore, there is hair loss, edema, a considerable increase in blood pressure, and the emergence of aggressive attacks.

In women, testosterone enanthate can cause androgenic symptoms such as body hair, a lower timbre of voice, and a disturbance of the menstrual cycle. The preparation instructions may differ based on the product. Unfortunately, not all of the potential adverse effects are listed. The following are the most common:

  • priapism, a too fast erection;
  • the emergence of prostatic abnormalities;
  • young people’s sexual development is accelerated;

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  • issues with spermatogenesis and spermatozoa maturation, shrinkage of the testicles, decrease in ejaculate amount
  • the development of gynecomastia as a result of the drug’s strong aromatization;
  • In women, this can cause uterine hemorrhage, edema, hypercalcemia, and skin degeneration.

These Test E side effects may seem to extreme for some, but like we’ve said, don’t worry. These side effects can all be reversed with the proper solutions. The best way to stay away from these side effects is by simply adhering to the proper dosage instructions of the steroid and making sure that you are not abusing it in any means at all.

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side effects of testosterone enanthate

Overdose Symptoms of Testosterone Enanthate

How would a person know if he or she is taking too much Testosterone Enanthate? First off, if side effects are occurring when using Testosterone Enanthate, then that is the first indication that too much is being already. And if the side effects don’t subside after a while, then that maybe a sign that the user might be approaching the overdose level of the steroid. If this happens, the best course of action to take is to stop taking the drug and visit a medical professional as soon as possible.

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Are there ways to get around the side effects of Testosterone Enanthate? The best way to do so is to follow the proper dosage instructions of the steroid you’re using. For example, if you are using Testosterone Enanthate 250 mg, which is the general Testosterone Enanthate bodybuilding dosage, make sure that the highest dosage you are using is no more than 250 mg. This can help to reduce the risk of side effects. If you are using Testosterone Enanthate 300 mg, then the highest dosage of the steroid to you will never surpass 300 mg.

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Testosterone Enanthate Contraindications

Enanthate is not permitted to be used to treat a number of disorders. In addition to the heightened sensitivity to its constituents, these contraindications for Testosterone Therapy include:

  • Pathology and liver dysfunction;
  • nephrosis and edema
  • enlargement of the prostate;
  • diabetes;
  • heart and coronary artery disease;
  • Myocardial infarction, atherosclerosis
  • Women are not permitted to use the medication while pregnant.

If anyone with the aforementioned conditions above start or continue to use the steroid, then negative Test E cycle side effects may occur.

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Reviews on most common Test E side effects

  1. Josiah Johnson: I have used Test E for my bulking cycle. It was all great at first, but then I started to notice that I was losing hair and I already had edema. I quickly consulted my trainer and he said it was definitely caused by Test E. I stopped using it after that. I don’t know if it was because I used too much of it or whatever, but I steered clear from it anyway.
  2. James Calloway: After 2 cycles with Test E, I found out that my high blood pressure was from it. I started to see my blood pressure go back to normal during TRT, which is great. Too bad it was caused by Test Enanthate. I love that gear man. Why’d it have to give me such pain in return? After that I never used it again.
  3. Steven Jackson: I’ve been stacking a few steroids so I wasn’t sure where the side effects were coming from. I was losing hair and I have been having anger issues. I get mad so fast. My doctor told me it was the Test Enanthate in my stack. He told me that I had to stop using it altogether. There aren’t much results regarding the side effects yet but I already stopped using the steroid.

Final Thoughts

Testosterone Enanthate is one of the best steroids in the world of bodybuilding, but even this steroid has some drawbacks that aren’t great at all. Nevertheless, it can still be of great help for athletes and bodybuilders who are looking for the best experience and amazing results in bodybuilding. Just keep in mind that the steroid should not be abused and that the proper dosages are instructed for a good reason. If those instructions are not only kept in mind, but also followed, then you won’t have any problems with Testosterone Enanthate. Only positive bodybuilding results.

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  1. Julius Fowler

    Testosterone steroid was front-loaded for two weeks, then 750 mg was scheduled each week after that. Already aroused and in a good mood by week two, but the results really became apparent after three to four weeks. Every week, weight gain is accompanied by a significant rise in strength, power, and stamina. There’s no side effects of Testosterone as well.

  2. I utilized a Testosterone Enanthate dosage of 600mg a week and felt fantastic, with great strength and high libido. Testosterone Enanthate injection is the king, basic stuff always works well!

  3. Marty Lawson

    Although my doctor advised me to try testosterone injections, I was a little afraid to do so. I’m so happy I tried these! They have significantly boosted my sex desire and energy levels. The benefits of the injections linger for several weeks and are simple to administer. I wholeheartedly endorse testosterone injections for anyone seeking an increase in libido and vigor!

  4. Alexander Aguilar

    Very efficient, Testosterone Enanthate does exactly what it should be used with Deca as a developing phase at Testosterone Enanthate dosage of 500mg , and 400 mg deca always benefit from these straightforward cycles!

  5. Ronald Underwood

    I’ve been taking Testosterone steroid 500 mg a week for the past three months or so. The effects became apparent quickly. I saw significant strength gains in the gym after two weeks. In around 4-6 weeks, my body fat started to decrease. Side Effects of Testosterone were also manageable.

  6. Gabriel Warren

    I am currently 10 weeks running Testosterone Enanthate dosages of 350mg per week resulting in 15 pounds of muscle gain. Testosterone Enanthate is great for cutting, and I am getting the results I want.

  7. Tommy Flores

    Testosterone Enanthate is an unquestionably fantastic steroid that produced excellent results that anyone would want. Test E side effects are extremely rare and the effects are usually positive. Keep in mind that Test E is a non-aromatizing steroid, so it will not cause gynecomastia or water retention. It can also be used by men who want to maintain muscle mass without getting bulky.

  8. Ryan Carson

    Testosterone Enanthate injection is the cleanest cycle I’ve ever completed and had exceptional results. I followed a strict diet and didn’t believe I could really gain size, given my low-carb, unmotivated nature. Both my friends and I were unable to believe the outcomes after taking Testosterone Enanthate dosages 500MG once a week for two to three weeks. It felt like a monster was attempting to escape from inside my shoulders and arms.

  9. Darrell Jordan

    Testosterone steroid is genuine as hell! I put on 22 pounds, so I now need to buy new clothing so I can fit in it. Testosterone Enanthate is something you must have if you to achieve the physique that you want.

  10. Gerard Price

    This has excellent muscle growth potential. Testosterone Enanthate injections are a very powerful anabolic androgen combination. Testosterone Enanthate is also a popular injectable steroid. It is often used in high dose cycles for the purpose of increasing muscle mass, and to recover from periods of excessive muscle breakdown.

  11. Bertram Stern

    The first time I used Testosterone Enanthate, I was blown away by the dramatic changes it made to my physique. I had been looking for a steroid that could help me build muscle for months before finding this one, and the results have been spectacular! A couple of milligrams of Testosterone Enanthate dosages in the morning and at night is all it takes and you’ll start to see your muscles grow within weeks. It’s absolutely incredible.

  12. Xavier Reaves

    Test E steroid is very genuine. I put on 32 pounds in 12 weeks, probably 25 pounds of muscle. Enanthate is a steroid that will build mass fast and cuts no corners. Abd Test E is the best of the Test series, hands down. It’s strong enough to build mass but not so strong as to cause side effects.

  13. Dino Spruill

    Testosterone Enanthate injections is my go-to for bulking, especially when I need to get some immediate gains from a cycle. Testosterone Enanthate dosages is reliable and cost-effective option for anyone looking to add some size. I’ve been using it for about 2 to 3 months and have been getting the results that I want.

  14. I was on the fence about taking Testosterone steroid for a while, but when I heard my friend’s success stories and saw all the side effects of Testosterone it had, I knew that I had to go ahead with the plan. It was the best decision of my life, because now I am finally able to see some muscle definition. The only downside is that it has caused me to have some unwanted hair growth. Other than that, Testosterone steroid are the best!

  15. Emory Gustafson

    I’m in the best shape of my life thanks to Testosterone Enanthate. I have been using Testosterone Enanthate injections for a year and have noticed that my body has become more muscular, leaner and more defined. Moreover, you don’t need to inject it every day or cycle off of it- the effects are life-long!

  16. Raphael Luciano

    I started using Testosterone Enanthate when I wanted to build some muscle. The first thing that I noticed was the increased sense of strength and endurance. It also made me feel more confident and aggressive, so it’s perfect for the gym. It does come with Test E side effects though, like mild acne, so be sure to do your research before you start!

  17. Jordon Justus

    I have been using Test E for the past six years, and I can say without a doubt that it has helped me get the body I have today. I used to be scrawny and skinny, but now my muscles are bigger and my stamina is better. Enanthate is the best thing you can do for your body!

  18. Demarcus Ngo

    I’ve been using Testosterone Enanthate for over a year now and it’s been absolutely amazing. For the past two years, I have been able to maintain an incredible physique that is envied by all. Testosterone steroid has also helped me with my sexual performance and has given me more energy which has made a huge difference in my everyday life.

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