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Andriol Testocaps 40mg (60 caps) for sale in California

Andriol Testocaps 40mg (60 caps) for sale in California


Andriol Testocaps 40mg (60 caps) for sale in California produced by: Healing Pharma


Andriol is available in 40 mg gelatin capsules. Undecanoate is a more active form than other types of testosterone. This means that, getting into the esophagus, the substance is very quickly absorbed and then enters the bloodstream almost bypassing the liver. This fact is an advantage, since the drug does not have a negative effect on the liver.

Initially, Andriol was produced for the treatment of potency, and after a while it began to be used in bodybuilding. Testosterone Undecanoate has a low anabolic activity, therefore, to achieve an increase in muscle mass, it is necessary to use large dosages, up to 200 mg per day. Andriol leaves the body in two days, which allows using this steroid in pre-competition preparation.

The drug is quite safe, as already noted, is non-toxic to the liver and almost no time to aromatize when released into the body.

Side effects from the use of Andriol practically do not occur. Since Testosterone Undecanoate is not susceptible to aromatization, it does not have all the negative effects of estrogenic nature.

From a small number of side effects, we can distinguish the following: increased erection and a general increase in libido. Andriol also suppresses the production of testosterone by the body, so after the end of the cycle, it will be useful to conduct Post Cycle Therapy (PCT). Chorionic Gonadotropin is commonly used for this.

It is believed that Testosterone Undecanoate is not quite suitable for women, as it causes an increase in blood pressure, acne, water retention and increased male sexual characteristics.

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