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Boldabol 200 for sale in California

Boldabol 200 for sale in California


Boldabol 200 produced by: Eminence Labs
Active substance: Boldenone Undecylenate (Equipoise)
In pack: 200 mg/ml (10 amp)

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Manufacturer: Eminence Labs

Release form: 10 ampoules of 200 mg/ml

Active ingredient: Boldenone Undecylenate (Equipoise)


Boldenone, also commonly known as Equipoise, is a popular anabolic steroid. It consists of the bond between the molecular form of Boldenone and the Undecylenate ester, the compound with the ester allows for an increase in the release time and half-life of the substance. The substance is a derivative of testosterone, and therefore retains its anabolic properties, while the androgen rating is quite low. In connection with these features, the drug is expanding its popularization in courses for drying and the development of strength indicators.

BoldePrime is a trademark of one of the most popular manufacturers of anabolic steroids Eminence Labs. Due to its great popularity and quality, it is not difficult to buy Boldenone in the USA, and we provide the best opportunity to do so! It is worth saying, however, that the price for Boldenone is quite high, but worth it.

Due to its physiological molecular changes, the percentage of Boldenone’s affinity for the aromatase enzyme (the enzyme responsible for converting androgens to estrogen) is cut in half. As a result, its estrogenic activity compared to testosterone becomes lower. The addition of the Undecylenate ester slows down the rate of hormone release and half-life, which gives a great advantage regarding the effectiveness of the drug. Your results will grow slowly, but for a long time.


Influence and action of Boldenone Undecylenate on the body

Boldenone by Eminence Labs has a strong anabolic effect with a rather meager androgenic index. Due to the modification of the double bond between the first and second carbon atoms, it has low estrogenic activity. This fact gives Boldenone an advantage in the form of safety, because the risk of aromatization will disappear, although this is not bypassed, with overestimated doses or prolonged use, control over aromatase disappears.

The drug is undoubtedly one of the safest anabolic steroids, therefore, in small dosages, it can be recommended as a first course for novice chemists.

Athletes who have used Boldenone often write reviews about the results they were able to achieve with it. As a rule, this is high-quality muscle mass with the same success as with testosterone, but at a much slower pace and without any side effects. This means that muscles built with Equipoise will be drier with a tighter and firmer structure with minimal water retention (depending on the dose, of course).


Instructions for use

For starters, dosages of Boldenone should range from 400 to 600mg per week. For more advanced users, good results are obtained with a dose of 600 to 800mg weekly, without the appearance of estrogenic reactions. Some athletes can adjust doses up to 1000mg per week, as lower doses are often insufficient to achieve peak effects.

The drug, like Nandrolone Decanoate, takes a long time activate, this is the main reason that the course of Boldenone can reach 14 weeks. Noticeable results will not make you wait, the action of Undecylenate usually begins only in the third week of the course.

The injections must be performed twice a week. For example, if your weekly dosage is 600mg, take a dosage of 300mg on Monday and 300mg on Thursday. The two-dose is ideal for maintaining stable levels of the substance in the blood plasma.

Depending on the goals and experience of the athlete, the drug can be successfully combined with absolutely any AAS.


Side effects

People who are sensitive to the substance or use it at very high doses may develop gynecomastia, but this phenomenon is not common. Adding Tamoxifen or Proviron to the course will eliminate any manifestations of gynecomastia and other adverse reactions associated with aromatization.

Rarely, but possible, are acne, increased aggressiveness and increased oily skin.

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3 reviews for Boldabol 200 for sale in California

  1. Billy Lee

    Used Boldabol 200 along with tren and I am now on my 9th week of my cycle. The cardio effects and boulder shoulders was immediately evident. I honestly expected that I will be able to increase my vascularity but I guess Tren flattens me out – the reason why I don’t see much vascularity. Will try to replace tren with some other compound that will complement Boldabol.

  2. Phil Thomas

    I’ve used Boldabol once for a 5 week cycle. Used this at 1000 mg along with 600 mg of test and deca. Unfortunately, my E2 levels went down and dropped it. I would run this again in the future but in a lower dosage and see how it will work. Did have some good gains though. My vascularity was insane and my endurance was out of this world.

  3. Phil Thomas

    I’ve taken Boldabol 200 for a 16 week cycle along with my test E. Decided to take 800mg/week and it almost destroyed my E2, so I decreased it down to 600 mg. The thing about this Boldabol is that even though my bf% is at a higher range, it helped me build endurance and vascularity. I was doing better cardio workouts and my overall workout routine. However, when my E2 crashed, I also developed HBP. This is the reason why I take lisinopril to control my BP. I suggest that y’all should use Dbol when on this to prevent e2 crash.

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