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Sustanon 350 for sale in California produced by: Dragon Pharma

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Sustanon 350

Manufacturer: Dragon Pharma 

Package: 10 ml vial at 350 mg/ml

Substance: Testosterone mix (Sustanon)

Sustanon is widely used by many athletes and bodybuilders. Due to the four male hormone esters within the composition the drug works quickly and keeps high anabolism for a long time. Most users find the power of this substance outstanding and for some new users “overwhelming” due to its potent 350mg/ml concentration level, making this version of Dragon Pharma’s Sustanon one of the most favored brands to date. Being 100mg more powerful per ml than most others, this Sustanon really packs a punch for its users.

All leading sports drug manufacturers produce a mix of testosterone esters but none as powerful as this substance. The drug manufacturer is popular among native athletes and has many well deserved positive feedbacks. Sustanon 350 by Dragon Pharma’s effect starts after the first injection and keeps a high and smooth anabolic balance for a long time (for up to nearly three weeks). Currently we offer Sustanon 350 in our store at an affordable price due to being able to sell this amazing compound at retail price.

Sustanon 350 Effects

The drug has the same properties as the body’s own endogenic testosterone. It significantly accelerates the synthesis of protein compounds. This initiates the active growth of the muscle tissues. Also, Sustanon provides:

  • Active gains the muscle size and volume;
  • Significant improvements of the sportsman’s physical properties;
  • No load on the joints and ligaments due to the excess fluid;
  • No harm towards the liver, due to being non-toxic;
  • A proper recovery therapy can prevent rollbacks;
  • Improves the appetite for the user while on cycle.

How to take Sustanon 350

It should be noted that Sustanon cycles can be also recommended for beginner sportsmen. A normal dose for them is 350mg per week, or this dosage can be split into 0.5ml twice weekly. For the more experienced athletes this dose may increase to 1,000mg weekly. It should be noted that professional sportsmen usually about 1,000mg of Sustanon every week, but this is done with experience and cation for these users.

The drug is rather good if used during combined cycles. The best result for a mass-gaining cycle, can be gained if Sustanon and Nandrolone Decanoate are combined together, you can also add orals for the first six weeks such as Dianabol. If you need to dry out the muscles of you want to run a good cutting cycle, you can use Sustanon with Masteron and a fast acting Trenbolone, along with Stanozolol (Winstrol) for the final 6 weeks of the cycle. An average Sustanon cycle duration is 2-3 months.

Post-cycle Therapy

For beginner athletes not only is the Sustanon price is important, but also a possibility to easily control the drug negative effects when taken at high dosages for long periods of time. If the estradiol level that strongly increases during the cycle due to testosterones aromatization process, you can start taking Anastrozole within the cycle to prevent this issue from week four at 0.5mg every 3-4 days. This drug will quickly inhibit the aromatization to the required level.

Note: If you combine Nandrolone or Trenbolone with Sustanon for your cut or bulk cycles, don’t use Tamoxifen during the post-cycle therapy, as these drugs affect the body’s progestin levels and Tamoxifen will not help to fight these high levels, it is better to substitute this drug with Cabergoline and Clomid for your Post Cycle Therapy.

The aromatization process that is required for gaining the muscle mass (estrogen levels), this can be inhibited early, but this will also reduce the efficiency of the whole cycle as estrogen is an important part of muscle growth also, so your dosages much be taken with care, so you do not to completely flatten these levels. The recovery therapy should be started after a few weeks from your last Sustanon injection. Take Tamoxifen and Clomid within this stage, unless, Deca or Tren are used as stated above. 

You can buy this powerful and original version of Sustanon which comes directly from the main manufacturers, you can also read all of the positive reviews regarding this product within our website and order with ease, thanks to our quick and easy ordering process and speedy deliveries to the US!

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7 reviews for Sustanon 350

  1. Domingo Owen

    This is best sustanon 350 I’ve tried since I started cycling. I like how it’s dosed accurately to give me the best results. Pain in the injection site is endurable. I will forever be happy with californiamuscles-net.

  2. Otis Harmon

    There’s no need to comment on the quality of californiamuscles-net’s products because everybody knows how great they are. I’m loving the results already. The shipping of the product is also a plus seen as it was delivered to me so quickly after order placement.

  3. Patty Jefferson

    This is a great product for a cheap price. There’s just a little pain around the injection site but still, everything feels good.

  4. Paul Robertson

    Due to its high dosage, injection pain will definitely be present. However, this will give you a faster results compared to smaller doses. Always happy to get gear with californiamuscles-net.

  5. Ronnie Lane

    Quality gear. During administration youll feel a little pain but itll be worth it seen as the gains make up for it.

  6. Ricky Sanders

    This is the best product out of all the manufacturers. Thank you californiamuscles-net.

  7. Fernando Banks

    I’ve injured myself a few years ago and this product not only maintained my lean muscle but it also healed my injury. Everything feels so good and limber after using this.

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