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What are SARMS?

SARMS stands for Selective Androgen Receptor Modulators. They were developed to treat
certain conditions like obesity as well as muscle and bone wasting disorders. Some say that
SARMS were especially popular in bodybuilding and fitness.
SARMS are said to deliver impressive results without the annoying side effects that are
associated with steroids. They are chemicals that target the androgen receptors found in bones
and muscle cells but do not affect other receptors in the body. Those who use SARMS noticed a
lean muscle gain along with many other benefits.
The most popular SARMS today include MK-2866 or GTx-024 (Ostarine), LGD-4033
(Ligandroll), LGD-3303, GSX-007 or S-4 (Andarine) and GW-501516 (Cardarine).

But do SARMS really work? SARMS are said to work in two ways. First, they have a special
affinity for certain tissues like muscle and bone, but not for others like the prostate, liver and
brain. Second, SARMS don’t break down into unwanted molecules that cause side effects.
SARMS are NOT as potent as steroids and do not suppress natural testosterone production as
heavily as steroids, making them easier to recover from. The fact that they are not as potent as
steroids might steer you away from using them. The chemicals in SARMS do not deliver the
explosive results that most other performance enhancing drugs deliver. For that reason, steroids
are clearly the obvious choice for many…

SARMS Benefits:

– Promotes lean muscle growth
– Weight loss
– Improves recovery time
– Increases endurance
– Boosts bone density
– Friendlier on the body than steroids
– More, mild on the body
– Does not affect cholesterol
– Fewer side effects
– Legal to purchase


SARMS Side Effects:

– Poor vision
– Testosterone suppression
– Acne

– Male pattern baldness
– Depression
– Anxiety

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What are STEROIDS?

Testosterone is the key hormone tasked with maintaining an anabolic rate in one’s body. The
hormone is said to be responsible for stimulating muscle growth in the body which is why
individuals with low-testosterone levels have a harder time gaining muscles. Steroids are known
as the synthetic form of this hormone meaning they are chemicals that have been manufactured
to mirror testosterone and work the same way as the hormone once they are taken (either orally
or injected).
Steroids have a good and bad side to them. Let’s talk about the positive effects first. Steroids
increase the body’s own ability for muscle growth. Initially, steroids were used by physicians to
treat muscle wasting disorders in people suffering from AIDS, cancer and other conditions. In
bodybuilding, steroids help individuals overcome their plateau which is often achieved naturally.
Once the body reaches its limits naturally, performance enhancing drugs (steroids) are used to
push the body beyond those limits.
On the downside, steroids can wreak havoc on almost all tissues of the body. By this we mean
that although steroids can make your muscles huge and your body super strong, they can also
cause acne, mood swings, oily skin, liver toxicity and a whole slew of other negative effects.
Some of the most popular steroids include, Anavar, Trenbolone, Testosterone, Masteron,
Dianabol and Deca.

STEROID Benefits:

– Increasing bone mass
– Enhancing recovery time
– Joint lubrication
– Muscle growth
– Increases endurance
– Increases strength


STEROIDS Side Effects:

– Acne
– Hair loss
– Liver toxicity
– Kidney disease
– Heart attack

– Irritability
– Mood swings/depression
– Aggression

What does all of this mean to you?

There is no right or wrong choice for an individual when it comes to SARMS or STEROIDS.
And it’s no one else’s business what you as a person choose to use. It all depends on your goals
and what you want out of life. After all, there are benefits to both SARMS and STEROIDS.


Personal Opinion and Experience about SARMS

SARMS are a scam. They are hyped up so that the men and women in the fitness industry can
hide behind them because for right now they are legal. SARMS are a wet dream for fakers and
liars. These are the people who will not say they are on the juice.
Look, we understand that at times, and especially at events, most guys and girls in the industry
aren’t going to be able to admit they use gear due to sponsorship purposes and other factors. But
come on man, when you have Mike O’Hearn at 50 years old looking the way he does and saying
that he’s never touched gas, is bullshit. I mean he looks better now then when he was 25 years
old. WTF?! Must be SARMS right?? We think NOT! SARMS are bullshit and Mike is full of
shit. You don’t think that they call him Mike O’Tren for nothing, do you?

Let us put to all of you out there like this: If SARMS really worked to build muscle, the FDA
would be all over them. We’re sure you know by now that the government don’t let people have
anything that benefits them. Not only that, but do you think these companies putting SARMS
out there on the market have millions and millions of dollars to be dumping on tests to
scientifically prove that this shit works as opposed to when pharmaceutical companies develop a
We want to point out that the long-term effects of SARMS are often not explained or even talked
about which is a legitimate concern. It is expected to just accept the fact that because SARMS
are not said to be as harmful as steroids we should just go ahead and use SARMS and not even
consider steroids. Why though, just because that’s what is considered to be “the right thing” to
Speaking from personal experience, we never used SARMS but have taken plenty of steroids
including Winstrol (oral and injectable), Trenbolone, Testosterone, Masteron, Deca, and Halo (to
name a few).
Being female, the idea of taking steroids is already taboo. There are so many misconceptions in
the world about women using steroids because we will turn into men. Leave it up to the ladies to
We compare taking SARMS to Steroids just like comparing Ibuprofen to Vicodin. You can buy
SARMS and Ibuprofen legally and while both might work to some extent, they are not as powerful as steroids for muscle growth and Vicodin for pain relief. Do you want to go the easy
route and hope to get results or relief or go all out and actually see a difference and feel better?

We have never given SARMS a thought before and honestly will never personally use them. For
us, we know how our bodies react to anabolic steroids and are willing to take the risk of what
they can do in both a positive and negative way.

SARMS is for those people who never take risks in their lives, that don’t want to see what it’s
like to achieve the results they could never do naturally. Maybe some people are afraid of the
consequences of buying something illegal (steroids) so they settle for SARMS because they
know it’s not against the law.

And how do we REALLY know that SARMS are safe? We don’t. Bottom line is there will
always be a “safer” alternative of every product sold today. It might be fake, or it might be legit.
But if you are going to spend money and want to actually get awesome results, why go for the
“safer” or generic brand?

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