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Steroid cycles for women and how to keep a womanly figure when doing so

In this article we are going to explain to women why they don’t have to be worried about turning into a man when choosing to take steroids.  I have seen women in the gym working their asses off, training 5 days a week and staying exactly the same.  With a little tweak of their diet and a few good products from the company, their results will magnify 5x’s over.

Just so you ladies know, I’m handing this over to my wife.  I would like her to tell you her own personal stories of using steroids.  Pictures in this situation would be worth a thousand words.  In the very near future we will be attaching pictures to many of the articles.  I want to show that we are real people who live this lifestyle day in and day out.  Well, that enough of my mouth, here you go:

How my body remained the same even though my diet was on point and what I did to take it to the next level:

Being in the gym all the time, I stumbled across an open cycling instructor position in November 2015 at the local gym I called my second home.  I was always a lover of cardio and most people could never understand that so I figured what the hell if I could get paid to do cardio and get a workout of my own at the same time, why not?

My normal gym routine would involve an hour of cardio followed by an hour of weight training for 7 days a week.  Yep you read that right… I never bothered to take a day off and if I did it was very rare. Now I was teaching cycling 4 days a week for an hour each class on top of doing my own cardio. I was so addicted.  My class was always full and we had the music cranked up as loud as it could go, in our closet size room that held only 12 cycling bikes in addition to mine.

My husband took my class once and thought holy shit this class in intense.  But then he said to me, “Don’t you think that you are doing too much cardio babe?”  Too much cardio I thought? Is there even such a thing?????! I thought that by doing tons of cardio and 45 minutes to an hour of weight training each day would make my body look like a professional competitor. Keep in mind that when I did my first competition back in 2012, I was doing as much cardio but wasn’t yet teaching cycling so my cardio consisted of running on the treadmill as if someone were chasing me.

Then after sitting down on the couch with me one night and trying to drill in my head that countless hours of cardio wasn’t going to change my body, I decided to listen to my husband and cut back on what I was doing. After all, I explained to him that my goal was to put on some quality muscle so all the cardio I was doing was burning not only fat but muscle too.  I was still teaching 4 days a week but decided to use the other days to focus on weights and only do a little cardio here and there.  At first I hated it because I was so used to the same routine and hated the fact that I was going to change.

I am going to fast forward now to the summer of 2018. My father had been sick for quite some time and his illness was getting increasingly worse.  I started taking time off from teaching cycling to care for my dad. Eventually I stopped teaching and my father passed away in July 2018. I was in shock, completely devastated but I knew I had to be strong for my mom. I used cycling and lifting as a way to deal with stress and cope with tough times and now I didn’t have class to fall back on.  I used this to my advantage though.  I stopped going to my local gym and started working out everyday with my husband…  I was a nervous wreck though about the 4 days of cycling that I wasn’t doing.  My husband’s gym didn’t have classes so I had to settle for doing cardio the way I used to before teaching (the treadmill).

So here I go… off to start working out a new type of way……Fast and Furious as he calls it. We would go hardcore and lift for about 45 minutes and then do cardio.  This wasn’t bad I thought… I was sweating which was a good thing and my muscles fell fatigued.  I could get used to this I thought.  I mean when I worked out at my local gym on my own, don’t get me wrong, I worked out hard but always did the same damn thing. I was convinced now that change was good. As our workouts got more intense, I wanted to get bigger, and stronger but did not want to be manly.  A lot of women that I see in the gym only do cardio because they think that weights make women bulky…  it’s not the weights though that do that, it’s the lifestyle that you lead that contributes to what your body looks like and can morph into.

Being that my husband knows everything there is to know about taking steroids, I began using a cycle of clenbuterol, winstrol tablets and riplex injections. The clen would work as a fat burner, the winstrol would dry out my muscles and give me that hard defined look and the riplex would put on some quality muscle without the bulking.  I was taking the clenbuterol and winstrol everyday and taking the riplex injections every third day.  Keep in mind that in order to get the body I wanted, I needed to make sure that my diet was on point and I didn’t fuck around and eat like shit.  Doing that completely defeats the purpose.

As soon as I woke up I took the clen and the winstrol on an empty stomach and then within a half hour to forty-five minutes tops we would hit the gym.  My body was all sorts of energized.  I loved the feeling.  Some people don’t like the feeling of getting jittery, but I loved it.  I compare the feeling of taking clen to taking some type of preworkout.  Your body gets warm and you get kind of jumpy, like you could run a marathon.  It was great.  It made my workouts awesome.  The good thing about it too is that when it wears off, you don’t crash. You actually don’t feel anything.

I know that at this point if you are a woman reading this you are wondering what side effects came along with my cycle.  Well, being Italian, I naturally have more peach fuzz on my face then most women.  But I will say that from using the riplex injections, I developed more hair on my face.  I know a lot of women that get a few hairs on their chin that they pluck with tweezers.  And you women know that the best place to do that is in the mirror of your car lol.  You are probably laughing out loud if you are one of the women that do this.  When you start taking riplex if you decide to, be ready for more hair to pluck.  In fact, a lot more hair. Now I am not saying that this will happen to all women, but if it does just be ready. My husband actually uses his buzzer on my face maybe 3 times a week.  And I also pluck the hairs on my chin everyday. If you are willing to deal with this then it shouldn’t be a problem. Just don’t freak out when you wake up and see dark hairs on your cheeks lol.  Ladies, it’s not the end of the world, just a little extra hair.  And there are options, laser therapy, electrolysis, waxing…. And of course plucking everyday.  We just invested in a $400.00 home laser therapy system.  I will admit though that once the hair is gone for good, I will miss tweezing the chin hairs lol.

The only other side effect that I had to deal with is my voice… it’s a bit deeper than it was before.  I’m not sure that I can contribute that completely to steroid use because when I taught cycling class I yelled so loud that I used to lose my voice lol.

Now remember I am only giving you my own personal experience with what I took.  Each steroid works different for each individual and not everyone will have the same side effects.  It’s up to you and what your goals are.  If you are willing to deal with some minor issues than I say go for it. What do you have to lose?  If you don’t like it, then stop and go back to your same old routine…  I am a huge fan of routine but sometimes you have to shock your body to see results. That’s exactly what I did.  I don’t have a manly figure.  I still have my womanly figure with some added muscle.  It’s not for everyone, just remember that.

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