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Equipoise 300

Equipoise 300


Bold-Max for sale in California produced by: Maxtreme

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Manufacturer: Maxtreme Pharma 

Package: 10 ml vial at 300 mg/ml

Substance: Boldenone Undecylenate (Equipoise)

One of the most valued and popular anabolic agents is Boldenone, also known as “EQ” to many experienced users. This steroid is preferred by many athletes within various levels of training and there is nothing surprising about this, as it is not only a very effective steroid, but it can also be used in combination with various other steroids within a cycle to maximize the effects.

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Qualities and characteristics of EQ

This injectable steroid’s full name is Boldenone Undecylenate and it was previously used exclusively in veterinary medicine as it has an excellent balance of androgenic and anabolic properties within the substance. These qualities allow the athlete to use the drug to achieve the results that are needed.

The chemical substance is based on a testosterone molecule, which has a double compound of 1 and 2 carbon atoms. This connection made it possible in comparison with Testosterone, to reduce the androgenic characteristics twice, while leaving the level of androgens the same. Having a reduced androgenic activity, Boldenone is perfectly useful for those who want to gain muscle mass that is not inclined to disappear after the end of the injection course.

Boldenone in its structure is not much different from testosterone, but it has a milder effect on the body, which is much safer and also it can be used within cycles safely for longer durations, which makes this substance favoured by many athletes and individuals.

Boldenone is also useful for athletes because after its injection, the production of erythropoietin in the kidneys is stimulated, which helps to increase the synthesis of red blood cells and active the oxygen transporters to the muscle cells. Oxygen-saturated muscle tissue cells are more resistant to destruction, which gives the user a huge advantage during intense and loaded workouts.

Useful advice: Recently, it is rarely possible to buy anabolic steroids in a pharmacy, especially without having an appropriate prescription. However, you can quickly buy Boldenone on the Internet with delivery to the United States or any other place that the customer may require. You won’t need any prescriptions either. You can find all of the information that is needed on our website in the USA. There you can immediately buy the necessary steroid that is required for your cycles or workouts and the price will pleasantly surprise you also.

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Effects of the intake

Being such a versatile for use, Bold-Max is suitable both in combination with other anabolic steroids for advanced bodybuilders and as an independent steroid for non-experienced athletes. It turns out that athletes who have already decided to buy Bold-Max have been surprised with its high-quality and also the results that they have gained within their cycles, you can find these great user experiences within our website on the review page.

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An athlete can acquire these positive effects from the use of EQ:

  • Strength improvements;
  • Reduction of the recovery time after training;
  • An increase in stamina and endurance;
  • Highlighting the definition of muscles and blood vessels;
  • Reduction of the time needed for the blood composition updates within the body;
  • Nutrient enrichment of the bodies tissues.

Boldenone, unlike some strong anabolic drugs, does not suppress the appetite, thereby not preventing the body from getting the calories that are extremely necessary during intense training. By following a protein diet and taking dietary sports supplements, you can significantly increase the effectiveness and results when using Boldenone.

Method of intake and dosages

Taking the athlete’s level of experience and the results that need to be achieved into consideration, the dosage of Boldenone should not exceed 1,000mg per week, even for this safe and mild substance.

The dosage should be selected individually, in order to express the effectiveness of the steroid as much as possible. The course of using Boldenone in combination with such anabolic agents as Trenbolone or essential compounds of male hormones are perfectly suitable for gaining general muscle mass, while promoting the synthesis of testosterone in your own body. Anavar or Winstrol, when combined with Boldenone, will bring strongly pronounced drying effects, clearly highlighting the muscular and venous definition. 

Any other combinations are likely, but it is possible to make a decision on this issue only after consulting with a specialist or consulting with professional athletes regarding your cycle, for more information regarding detailed cycles you can contact our expert team for further advice.

Athletes taking this steroid should not worry about the negative effects that can be expected from the drug. With a reasonable dosage, there are little to zero side effects seen from its users. The dosage for the female athletes should not exceed 100mg per week. Even this amount will help to achieve quite visible, positive and desirable changes for the athlete.

Side effects

  1. Boldenone is theoretically able to reduce the natural amount of testosterone, but by choosing the optimal dosage, the athlete will not face this problem, so the use of anti-estrogen drugs is not mandatory.
  2. After injecting the drug, acne is possible, but it is easily eliminated during cosmetic procedures with the help of face scrubs.

Note: If the dosages are under control, it will be possible to avoid all negative effects. At the same time, while exceeding the dosage, the athlete will not acquire any new or better results, but this will only waste your Boldenone substance and it will be for nothing. However, if there are still negative effects, it is necessary to undergo a course of restorative rehabilitation. Aromatase inhibitors, such as Arimidex, or anti-estrogenic drugs, such as Clomiphene or Tamoxifen, will perfectly help in this within your Post Cycle Therapy course which will be completed after the steroid cycle has ended. For more information on PCT cycles, please visit our PCT section for further advice and also the relevant substances that will be needed.

Useful advice: When visiting a steroid store, you need to pay special attention to the price of Bold-Max, as the price cannot be too small, due to Maxtreme’s high quality creation costs that are involved. Dishonest manufacturers who copy the brand names of these medical and substitute the high-quality solutions with counterfeit ones often mixes their harmful ingredients with the Deca to try and look legit. Trying to buy it cheaper, you can significantly lose a lot regarding your health and any positive changes will definitely not be achieved. It should be noted that counterfeit products can also be bought in the USA from various locations and also form local websites.

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Most often, positive reviews claim that Boldenone is both reliable and effective, but only with reasonable use. The drug gradually, but sensitively increases the muscle mass, emphasizes the definition and raises the athletes’s strength indicators. There are minimal possible side effects and athletes recommend this drug, especially at the beginning of one’s journey of taking anabolic steroids. This substance is perfect for a light background substance to run within a cycle for the beginner users and to enhance their results. Also, many beginner and experienced athletes emphasize the fact of the excellent price to quality ratio. For great results and the safer use, buy Bold-Max now and receive these great results! 

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8 reviews for Equipoise 300

  1. Erick Park

    I would recommend this rather than other brands to anyone who is looking for some advice or feedback on this product. I took 600mg/week with no PIP. Only smooth injections each time.

  2. Edwin Taylor

    I inject 1ml of this product every 5 days and it gives me amazing results. The product is a bit thicker than usual but it is smooth and has no PIP. I will try other products from Maxtreme after I’m done with this bulking cycle. Maxtreme and californiamuscles-net are great!

  3. Lorenzo Stokes

    Amazing product but I am getting mild PIP from it. Hopefully the pain doesn’t last too long.

  4. Paul Robertson

    I bought a few vials from californiamuscles-net and this is worth every dollar. I’ve been using this for a few weeks and my muscle mass began to increase as well as my strength. I will definitely order again once I finished my cycle.

  5. Paul Robertson

    I’ve used this product along with Sus 350 and my body fat peeled off me and my muscle size increased. My body is now perfect for the summer. Thanks californiamuscles-net!

  6. Martin Cooper

    This is a really fantastic product and the shipping was speedy. The communication from californiamuscles-net is always smooth.

  7. Oscar Patrick

    Great product! Maxtreme has a top quality product. This is the only product that I tried that has high concentration, has no PIP, smooth and strong. I will use Hyper Ripped XL for my cutting cycle, after this bulking cycle. The product came very fast and is very secure. californiamuscles-net is great!

  8. Erick Fisher

    The product is great. I inject once every 4-5 days with no PIP for four weeks and have amazing results. Maxtreme products are made on thin oils, but this product is a bit thicker, but it is still smooth. I’m on the 10th week of my 12 weeks cycle, and I’m satisfied with my progress. This is a great product!

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